Whether one´s own country house with garden, the terraced house in the suburbs or the villa, many people take a lot of time to plan their own home to the smallest detail. Many hours are spent on themes such as windows, heating, furnishings, etc., but only the financial issues are often left until the end. With timely planning, it is possible to save a lot.

However, for most people, loan applications involve complicated paperwork and uncomfortable questions about personal finances. Many credit advertisers are reluctant to seek information from a variety of banks because the cost of application is even greater.
With finance specialists INVESTcon on your side, you will be accepted by any bank as an equal negotiating partner and you take the role that you are entitled to!

INVESTcon can make the dream of your own home come true!

Our consultants advise you in detail on the following:

• Capital structure
• Government funding
• Financing options
• Analysis of existing loans
• Debt restructuring
• Comparing interest rates
• Ongoing support for existing borrowers

On the basis of our independence, we find the funding partner with the right finance package for you! This will save you not only time and energy but also money since through the filing of INVESTcon the best possible credit terms (nominal interest rates, charges and more) are achieved! So you can focus on what you really want:

You do not want to worry about financing - you want your own home!


We advise and assist you by following questions

  • Above-average income - Read more ...

    Above-average income

    The fact that the state pension system in its present form will no longer be affordable in the future is now regarded as indisputable.

    Principally there are different ways to save additional funds for retirement, but all of them have one thing in common: the earlier the start to the private pensions is, the higher the expected additional pension or the accumulated savings will be.

    Difficulty of choice:

    The market for products offered or advertised for private pension has become unmanageable. The selection of suitable products is not becoming easier.

    Among the most popular product categories are:

    • Sponsored retirement provision
    • Classic and unit-linked life insurance
    • Fund savings plans

    The type of pension plan a person chooses depends both on the circumstances and the wishes of each individual. Each instrument has its particular strengths, since the various instruments differ greatly in terms of flexibility, expected returns and tax treatment. Often a combination of different options is useful. Together with our consultants you will find the best solution.

  • Children´s Precaution - Read more ...

    Children´s Precaution

    More and more parents and grandparents want to provide for their children. This desire is understandable because they want to provide their children with their own capital to start as well as to make them as financially secure as possible.

    The following issues should be taken into consideration for the financial security for your children:

    • Insurance coverage for accident and disability
    • Education needs
    • Seed money for buying a car or home
    • Retirement income

    The product providers have recognized this need and created "child-friendly" products particularly in this area.

    Among our offerings, there is an addition to the classical form of retirement, particularly the state-sponsored pension plans and unit-linked life insurance products. Since the sums insured, the profit share and benefits of the various versions differ very much, an independent consulting is needed.

  • Accident - Read more ...


    Private insurance and supplement insurance fill the gaps in the statutory accident insurance. Every employee is insured at work and on the direct way to and from work by accident insurance law.

    Work usually takes eight hours of a day, so 16 hours of each day are not covered by insurance. However, only about 25 percent of accidents happen at work - the majority occur at home or in free time and therefore are not covered by the statutory accident insurance!

    If an accident happens to you during your leisure time, you have the legal right to disability benefits. But this is only if you are not able to work any longer.

    Even more dramatic is the situation for many self-employed and independent contractors: if they are not insured voluntarily, they have no entitlement to benefits under the statutory accident insurance.

    Make the right choice!

    When selecting your insurance policy, it is important for you to be fully protected in case of serious health damage. This is provided by offering so-called progression rates, which increase the insurance benefit proportionally with increasing severity of physical damage. That means the amount of money paid by private insurance in case of damage depends on the severity of the permanent physical damage.

  • Disease - Read more ...


    Exploding hospital and drug costs drive more and more public health companies insurance to lose money. Increases in prescription charges, ambulance fees, deductibles for doctor visits are the main topics of political discussion of the problem of health care affordability. Thus, private health care is increasingly important.

    People, who want to have superb all-around care in an emergency, can achieve this only if they are willing either to pay a so-called private patient, the additional costs of this care out of their own pocket or take out private health insurance.

    The domestic market is well supplied with providers of such insurance which include a guarantee of excellent and timely treatment in case of illness including good accommodations.

    The insurance benefits are often flexible. The basic service always combines payment of housing in the so-called special class of hospital stays. The special class fare practically excludes waiting time for operations. The desired bed is immediately available and also the patient is free to choose the doctor.

    The coverage can be improved if the insured person wants it. The available modules cover every possible claim. Thus, the policy includes medical assistance abroad or it can be extended to outpatient treatments.

  • Work Disability - Read more ...

    Work Disability

    It is difficult to think about accidents causing serious injuries, work disability or even deaths of many people. And even though accidents happen every year with about 800,000 Austrians, which is one out of every ten people. In addition to personal difficulties often come financial problems as well.

    With work disability insurance, small contributions can protect you from financial problems with permanent disability. Though it is a good instrument, it is unfortunately not used very often to protect your financial well being.

    The liability of the insurer shall enter into force when the insured person encounters illness or injury that is likely to make the person permanently unable to pursue his profession.

    This insurance is available already starting at € 10 per month!

Your independent INVESTcon consultant reviews existing agreements and puts this into your personal precautionary plan.


As a licensed investment company, we offer:

- Multi Depot bank with top prices
- Over 5000 funds and personal papers from registered Austrian investment companies
- Depot monitoring and on-demand online availability for you
- The ability to check your existing securities depository in terms of risk / reward ratio

We advise and assist businesses and individuals in:

• Asset creation
• Asset protection
• Asset transfer

In an initial interview, we focus on your goals, desires and concerns.

Taking into account level of risk, profit expectations and time horizon, we develop a customized strategy for you.
What does it means for our customers?

More security, more return, more flexibility

Ethic & Micro finance

During times when scandals and fraud are almost everyday occurrences - even by large and reputable companies – we realize in our services a special responsibility!

Not only to act safely and economically with our customers´ trust, but also to deal usefully with big opportunities of the Western first world. Therefore, along with providing our customers with services and benefits, we also strive to act ethically and to the benefit of the environment.

There are now some great opportunities – where each person with his own opportunities – can help it! So let us show you how you might to not only multiply your money, but also contribute decisively to a more just world.